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  Cybrid Technologies is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of functional polymer materials in thin film form with adhesives as the core. On the same technology platform, we continue to develop functional materials suitable for different applications to achieve concentric circles and diversified business model; meanwhile, we achieve differentiated competitive advantages in different market segments through innovative engineering. or cost competitive advantage.
  By virtue of its technological leadership and market achievements, Cybrid has shown its technological leadership by becoming the lead in the development of national standards for backsheet. With the original invention of KPf as its main product, Cybrid's backsheet has the highest global market share, has been the world's number one since 2014, and is not only a domestic leader, but also a major supplier and a well-known brand to several leading foreign PV module companies, as well as the winner of the 2018 PV Tech India Gold Award. Cybrid's POE adhesive film has also become the second largest major supplier in terms of market share. For the PV aftermarket, where inventories are growing, Cybrid has also pioneered and has developed sales of repair materials such as back sheets, a world first. Cybrid is developing into a material solution provider for PV systems, maintaining its ability to grow continuously. In addition to photovoltaic applications, other advanced materials are used in Invertor, smartphone, and new energy vehicle (EV) fields, and have been introduced to leading enterprise customers in each industry.
  In the future, we will continue to develop concentric circles for different applications on the same technology platform, strengthen the diversification of applications, globalization of markets, and internationalization of organizational capabilities, and continue to expand the application areas of our products through innovative and efficient research and development, and strive to become a leading company in multiple market segments to achieve sustainable growth.

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