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Talent Policy

Talent Policy

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  Wujiang talent policy >>
  Wujiang Development Zone was established in 1992, with a total administrative area of 176 square kilometers, divided into 83 square kilometers of manufacturing clusters and 93 square kilometers of ecological tourism area. Located in the core of the Yangtze River Delta, east of Shanghai, south of Hangzhou, west of Taihu Lake, north of the ancient city of Suzhou, developed transportation, and the surrounding important cities are closely connected, can achieve 30 minutes on the high-speed rail, 40 minutes to the airport, within 2 hours to the port of efficient travel.
  At present, more than 2,000 high-quality enterprises have settled in the domestic important electronic information industry base and intelligent equipment industry town, was named "China's Top Ten Vibrant Development Zone", "China's most attractive development zone for investment", "National New Energy Development Zone", "China's top ten".
  China's Machinery and Equipment Industry Base". 
  I am an undergraduate
  ● Funding conditions
  You have a full-time bachelor's degree, bachelor's degree, intermediate or above title, or technician, not more than 35 years old, settled in Wujiang, and have paid social insurance in Wujiang for one year, with an annual taxable salary of not less than RMB 60,000.
  ● Financial support policy
  1.Rent subsidy: 400 RMB/month for 3 years.2.Purchase subsidy: 72-82,000 RMB for buying a house in Wujiang.3.The shortage of talents in key industries in Gusu can also get salary subsidy of 60-122,000 RMB.4.
  I am Master
  ● Funding conditions
  A graduate degree, a master's degree, or an associate senior title, or a senior technician, no more than 40 years old, with an annual taxable salary of at least $72,000.
  ● Financial support policy
  Rent allowance: 600 RMB/month for 3 years.2.Settlement allowance: 80,000-100,000 RMB.3.Shortage of talents in key industries in Gusu can also get salary subsidy of 60,000-122,000 RMB.4.2.
  I am a doctor.
  ● Funding conditions
  A graduate degree, doctoral degree, or a senior title or higher, or a senior technician who has obtained a local or municipal title, is not more than 50 years old, and has an annual taxable salary of at least $102,000.
  ● Financial support policy
  1. rental subsidy: 800 yuan/month within 3 years.2. family allowance: 120,000-150,000 yuan.3. salary subsidy of 60,000-122,000 yuan for talents in short supply in key industries in Gusu.
  I am a "famous school gifted student".
  ● Funding conditions
  "Full-time bachelor's degree or above from 985, 211 or other key universities at home and abroad, no more than 35 years old, and have settled in Wujiang and paid social insurance.  
  ● Financial support policy
  1.One-time employment subsidies: 80,000 Yuan for doctor, 50,000 Yuan for master, 30,000 Yuan for undergraduate, 2.Five consecutive years' full subsidies of individual paid social insurance premiums, 3.70% tuition subsidies for on-the-job training to obtain a higher academic degree; and housing subsidies, home purchase subsidies, salary subsidies, etc. can be repeated.
  I am an innovative leader
  ● Conditions for declarations
  Doctoral degree, age not more than 55 years old, more than 3 years of related R & D work experience; can serve the enterprise continuously for more than 3 years; the average monthly salary is not less than 3 times the average salary of urban workers in Suzhou, according to the law to pay tax, social security; participation in shares, capital investment priority support.
  ● Financial support policy
  1.Research funding: up to 1 million yuan at the Wujiang district level; up to 2 million yuan at the municipal level; up to 5 million yuan at the provincial level." Top talents" can be a matter of one thing, the highest 100 million yuan of comprehensive support funds.2. Rental subsidy: 2,500 yuan / month within three years.3. Purchase subsidies: 500-2.5 million.
  I am a leader in entrepreneurial talent
  ● Conditions for declarations
  Master's degree, no more than 55 years old; mastering core technology and owning independent intellectual property rights; with a cash investment of at least 1 million yuan (excluding technology shares) and a shareholding of at least 30% or the largest shareholder of natural persons.
  ● Financial support policy
  1. scientific research funding: the maximum 2 million rated Wujiang District; 4 million municipal maximum; provincial maximum 5 million." Top talents" can be a matter of discussion, up to 100 million yuan of comprehensive support funds. 2.
  2. Rental subsidies: 2,500 yuan/month for three years.
  3. Subsidy for home purchase: 500-2.5 million yuan. 4.
  4. Supporting support: 120 square meters of R & D office space, free rent for three years; 2 to 5 million yuan of venture capital; 30% equity investment; three years from the date of registration of the annual main marketing revenue of more than 50 million yuan, and then give preferential access to 1 million yuan of scientific research funding. 
  For more information, please visit the website of Wujiang District Government or Wujiang Economic Development Zone you can call the Talent Hotline0512-6396078663102506


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