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Cybrid Encyclopedia - In 2018, the "hetero-knot" suddenly went up in flames....

In 2018, "heterojunction" suddenly caught fire: on May 25, Rainbow Group invested 2GW of high-efficiency heterojunction cell projects; on July 28, Akcome Group announced a total investment of 10.6 billion in heterojunction high-efficiency solar cell projects to start construction; Jin Energy, which has been plowing into heterojunction for years, announced at the CSPV conference in November that its H super The highest efficiency of high-efficiency heterojunction cell mass production broke through to 24.04% and predicted that the gap between the overall cost of heterojunction and monocrystalline PERC would narrow to 20% by the end of 2018; on November 18, the third phase of Tongwei Solar's project went into operation and 1GW of ultra-high efficiency heterojunction cells started.

Cybrid Encyclopedia - Solar Panel Self-Cleaning Principle

Surface infiltration is an important feature of the solid surface, usually to contact angle to characterize the degree of liquid infiltration of the solid. In general, the solid surface and water contact angle greater than 90 ° is called hydrophobic surface, greater than 150 ° is called superhydrophobic surface; less than 90 ° is called hydrophilic surface, less than 5 ° is called superhydrophilic surface.

Backplane knowledge

No backplane has a probability of not failing for more than 25 years, but backplanes are constantly evolving in response to the increase in battery power, the thinning of cells and the extension of battery life.
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