Unique dual engine drive platform


Since its founding in 2008, Cybrid Technologies has always been taking "innovation and R&D" as the cornerstone of the company's development, set up its international R&D center boasting a number of senior experts at home and abroad and a number of R&D staff members with doctoral and master's degrees, and secured cooperative relations with research institutions and universities e.g. the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and embarks its second stage of post-listing entrepreneurship of Cybrid featuring large-scale R&D and innovation. Cybrid upgraded its R&D center to a market-oriented and industrialization-oriented innovation center to integrate domestic and foreign R&D resources and explores ways to quickly aggregate new businesses by leveraging its capital amount after listing.

The company builds its technical platform by combining the backbone technology of "material design, resin modification, adhesive formula, interface technology, test and evaluation" with the process technology of "coating, compounding, tape casting film", and constantly develop functional materials suitable for different application fields on a same technical platform, so as to realize diversified business model encircling concentric circle. In addition, the company has sharpened its differentiated competitive edges and cost competitive edges through innovative projects in different market segments, and has genuinely become a comprehensive polymer functional material solution provider with the best cost performance in China.

Multiple Solutions by CYBRID 
1.Platform strategy: Realize application products in different fields on the same technology platform and the same production facility platform. 
2.Innovation engineering strategy: demand identification → conceptual design → differentiated specification design → technical strategy → R&D management → analysis and testing → process / equipment R&D → use experience development → pre-marketing stagewise management and control