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IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), insulated gate bipolar transistor is a composite full-control voltage-driven power semiconductor device, which has the advantages of small driving power and reduced saturation voltage, and has high insulation and excellent thermal conductivity. It is very suitable for traffic motors, frequency converters, switching power supplies, lighting circuits, traction drives and other fields.

The production of IGBT module, it is necessary to use high weather resistance, high adhesion to metal heat curing, heat-dissipating metal sheet (copper-based or aluminum-based). Saiwu Technology's original patented metal surface treatment technology, with special resin, the production of metal heat sink is the only domestic manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights and mass production capacity of the product.

IGBT power semiconductor devices are widely used in power energy related fields, such as: new energy hybrid/pure electric vehicles, industrial robots, engines, electromagnetic cookers, transformers, home appliances, wind energy and photovoltaic solar energy.

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