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Aspiring to be the world's leading integrated polymer materials innovator





Global sales ranking of 7
products including backsheets
for 6 straight years




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20 %

1/5 of employees
are R&D personnel


Industries covered

 Founded:  November 2008
 Production started:  March 2010
 Registered Capital:  404 million RMB
 HQ Location:  Suzhou, China
 Employees:  900
 Business:  Adhesives and Polymer Material Solutions
 Revenue:  4.1 Billion RMB (2022)
 Overseas HQ:  CyMax PTE.LTD(1MM USD registered capital), Vietnam plant is under CyMax.  (120 Robinson Rd, #13-01 Singapore 068913)


Introduction of the founders

In 2005, Mr.Xiaoping Wu and Dr. Keiiji Uno resigned from the famous Japanese polymer material company and established MacroPoly Laboratories in Kyoto. At the end of 2008, Cybrid Technologies Inc. was founded in Suzhou backed up by investment through a famous venture capital company in China. Relying on the epoch-making original KPf backsheet, the company has leaped to the world's largest backsheet supplier since 2014, providing products and services marketing to China, Taiwan (China), Europe, Japan, U.S., South Korea, India and Turkey, and has been topping in term of sales volume for six consecutive years.




Chief Scientist

Chief Scientist 

Dr.Uno Keiichi

Company History


Cybrid Health Technology Co., Ltd. was established.Zhejiang Pujiang Plant and Suzhou Xingrui Plant were opened respectively.


Cybrid Technologies Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Cybrid Technologies, stock code: 603212) was officially listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and officially landed in the capital market.


The total shipment volume of Cybrid backsheet has exceeded 100GW, with global leading for 6 straight years, and POE performance ranking No.1 in the world.


Cybrid fully entered the fields of semiconductor, electric power transportation and 3C, developed relevant supporting adhesive film materials, and became a material supplier of the leading enterprise of battery of new energy vehicles in the same year.


The new energy vehicle T-project team was set up to launch the development and production of vehicle-level products.


The electronic functional materials are fully laid out and applied to TP panel, LCD display, graphite heat dissipation, 3D glass and other structural products, e.g. OCA, exhaust tape, ultra-thin tape, and PU protective film.


Relying on the epoch-making original KPf backsheet, Cybrid has leaped to the world's largest backsheet supplier with products marketing to China, Europe, Japan, the United States, South Korea, India, Turkey and Taiwan, and become a new benchmark in the world.Cybrid has set up "Functional Materials Business" (FMB), and the Cybrid ultra-thin tape for graphite heat dissipation has topped the market share.


Cybrid developed the Cybrid technology platform and innovation strategy, and aspired to become the world-leading manufacturer of functional comprehensive polymer materials.


Upon recognition and investment by Legend Capital, Cybrid Technologies was founded in Wujiang, Suzhou, and set the “Valued by Innovations” as the core value of the company's growth.


Mr. Wu Xiaoping and Dr. Uno Keiichi resigned from the famous Japanese polymer material company and established MacroPoly Lab in Kyoto.

Achievements of CYBRID

The sales of single product KPf® PV backsheet has been ranking world No.1 for six years, and Cybrid has won the reputation of World Best Seller
 KPf® PV backsheet has become the main product in the Indian PV market, and the 2018 India PV Tech Golden Award was granted to Cybrid. 
 The original KPf® backsheet became a new global benchmark.
 Convener and main drafter of the national standard on backsheet
 The first drafter of the national standard on laminated busbar insulation adhesive film, with market share snatching the world No.3
 The market share of hot pressed insulating film for vehicles ranks first in the world
 China's pioneer of backsheet composite adhesive
 Chinese pioneer in cross-linked POE adhesive film, snatching the second largest market share in the world
 Chinese pioneer in conductive tape, snatching the largest segment market share for PU protective film in the world
 Global No.1 of the repair tape for back plate scratching and cracking, grabbing the No.1 market share.
 Domestic No.1 of IGBT metal based heat dissipation material for air conditioner
 Domestic No.1 of adhesive tape for acoustic diaphragm, selected by the global top three speaker manufacturers