2021 annual vocational skills identification examination

In October of golden autumn, the 2021 vocational skills appraisal examination, which has been prepared for nearly six months, finally started! 223 senior workers and 63 intermediate workers were declared in 2021, laying a solid foundation for the company to cultivate multi-skilled workers!

With the strong support of the company, the personnel department, together with the manufacturing, equipment, process and quality departments, actively apply for vocational skill identification qualification, issue theoretical and skill examination questions, and arrange the examination without affecting the production according to the production scheduling.

What are the benefits of declaring skill level identification? For the company, the company can obtain government subsidies, improve the corporate image, improve the skill level of employees, and reduce the turnover rate; for the employees, after obtaining the grade certificate, those who meet the conditions can enjoy housing purchase subsidies, talent settlement, points enrollment and points settlement, and can also deduct personal tax.

In the future, the company will continue to apply for technician and senior technician evaluation qualifications to continuously improve the staff's vocational skills water.