Since 2012, Saiwu Technology has been fully deployed in the field of electronic functional materials and has continued to pay attention to innovative applications in new displays, OLED,Mini LED and other industries.


At present, the 3C products of Saiwu Technology are mainly used in mobile phones, tablet devices, laptop and intelligent wearable devices. Relying on the strong product design ability, rich and differentiated technical tools and general manufacturing ability of Saiwu technology, we break through the fierce competition in the "Red Sea" market of 3C products and find the "blue sea" opportunity of downstream technology iteration, which not only ensures the high reliability of core technology and product scheme, but also realizes the high cost-effective substitution of similar foreign products, thus, the 3C sector will be promoted to become another continuous growth business of the company's leapfrog development.

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Cynagard In10

Application for 1000V modules ·Application for backsheet with Alumin foil ·Excellent insulation performance ·Damp heat resistance ·UV blocking ·Thermal resistance