Leveraging its three technology platforms: adhesive synthesis technology, patented fluorine skin film technology, and precision coating technology, Cybrid Technologies has launched the groundbreaking KPf® photovoltaic backsheet, which has been a leader in unit sales for six consecutive years since 2014.

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As the new energy vehicle industry is witnessing a tremendous opportunity of rapid development, Cymbidium Technologies has set up a new energy vehicle T project team to start the development and production of automotive grade products, and to develop and produce automotive industry products such as insulation, bonding, cushioning, protection and thermal conductivity through the Cybrid Technologies platform, to provide comprehensive solutions for power batteries and vehicles, and to realize the market breakthrough and strategic layout of Cybrid in the automotive grade product system.

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Currently, Cybrid Technologies' 3C products are mainly used in cell phones, tablet devices, notebooks and smart wearable devices. With Cybrid Technologies' strong product design capabilities, rich differentiated technology tools and general manufacturing capabilities, we are able to break out of the "red ocean" market of 3C products and find "blue ocean" opportunities for downstream technology iteration. In addition to ensuring the high reliability of core technology and product solutions, the company will also be able to achieve cost-effective substitution of similar products from abroad, thus enhancing the 3C segment as another sustainable growth business for the company's leapfrog development.

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Cynagard In10

Application for 1000V modules ·Application for backsheet with Alumin foil ·Excellent insulation performance ·Damp heat resistance ·UV blocking ·Thermal resistance