Background of the establishment of transportation power materials


In 2017, the new energy vehicle industry embraced the great opportunity for rapid development. Cybrid Technologies timely set up a new energy vehicle T-project team to launch the development and production of vehicle-level products. Through the Cybrid Technologies platform, it developed and produced automotive industry products e.g. automotive insulation, bonding, cushioning, protection and heat conduction, so as to provide all-round solutions for EV batteries and the whole vehicles, realize market breakthrough and strategic layout of Cybrid in the vehicle-level product system.


In 2021, Cybrid Technologies transportation power products were recognized by many leading enterprises in the new energy industry, by offering optimal products and overall solutions for EV battery manufacturers thanks to its perfect reliability and high cost performance.

Background of the establishment of transportation power materials


Power and Transportation Protection Solution

1. EV battery pack solution

Cybrid can provide complete insulation, fire protection, impact resistance and other protective materials for the EV battery pack to avoid thermal runaway and compromised safety of the whole vehicle.

2. Electric Signal Transmission and Collection

Cybrid independently developed new halogen-free flame-retardant hot-melt adhesive film with excellent adhesion, insulation and weather resistance, which can be widely used for signal acquisition and transmission in various scenarios such as power batteries, energy storage batteries, and vehicles.

3. Color separation and masking solution for coating

Cybrid can provide high-temperature and non-residue color separation tape, masking paper tape and high-temperature masking roll film for the multi-color body painting process, as well as auxiliary tooling tools, so that efficient and integrated multi-color refitting effect can be achieved.

4. Foam tape solution

Cybrid can offer wide varieties of fixed tapes and foam tapes for cushioning and bonding of interior and exterior trim parts, nameplates, FPC and other parts of the vehicle.

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Application for 1000V modules ·Application for backsheet with Alumin foil ·Excellent insulation performance ·Damp heat resistance ·UV blocking ·Thermal resistance