7 /Supporting Solutions for Semiconductor Sealing and Testing Process

Saiwu technology semiconductor sealing process materials are used in the packaging stage, in the wafer grinding, dicing or post-packaging substrate cutting process, through the high viscosity to protect, fix the wafer, substrate role.


After the cutting is completed, in order to facilitate subsequent picking, according to different requirements, the tape is irradiated with UV to reduce the stickiness of the tape and realize flexible and diverse application examples. Relying on Saiwu's backbone technology system, our products can also be heated to reduce viscosity for the process of discrete devices.


Not only in the field of semiconductors, this series of products are also widely used in the optical industry and LED industry with similar applications.

Power Battery Pack-Cell/Cell

Typical applications:

Wafer Saw's many years of experience in surface protection materials with high reliability process materials nurtured by UV cross-linking technology platforms. It can be designed for die of various sizes and thicknesses to help customers improve their productivity.


Package Saw is a high-viscosity cutting protection material developed by the industry. With a variety of specifications, can deal with a variety of materials of the package substrate material.


Die Attach is based on Saiwu's thermal curing basic technology platform and provides reliable solutions for the fixation of small-size chips and stacked chips.

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Cynagard In10

Application for 1000V modules ·Application for backsheet with Alumin foil ·Excellent insulation performance ·Damp heat resistance ·UV blocking ·Thermal resistance