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The MoPro® overall solutions can prolong the service life of PV power station for 10 years

Module + Prolong life MoPro®

Use MoPro® to improve efficiency and gain for PV power station

The service life of the existing PV power station is longer than 25 years.


In the whole life cycle of the power station, due to improper material selection of the power station system and negligence of the operation and maintenance personnel, the power station is prone to problems such as scratching/cracking of the backsheet of single glass module, water seepage of the frame of single glass module, delamination of the double glass module, connector cracking, wire and cable cracking, and dirt on module glass.



At this point, diagnosis of the power station system and recommendation of the overall solution become imminent. Appropriate materials and measures can prolong the reasonable service life of the power station by 60% to about 40 years*, greatly improving the service life, energy output and overall gain.

* Power stations may vary with different basic conditions.


8 Problems of failure of PV power station

1/Backsheet failure

a. The whole backsheet is cracked.

b. The inner layer of the backsheet is cracked.

c. The backsheet is scratched.

2/Dirt on glass surface

a. Rust dirt

b. Oil dirt

c. Cement and other dirt

3/Module edge failure

a. Frame lack of glue and water seepage

b. Delamination of film

4/Connector failure

a. Shell cracking

b. Overheating warning

5/Module combustion

a. Fire caused by short circuit

b. Fire caused by other external factors

6/Waterproof and insulation failure

a. Cable damage

b. Fire clay falling off

c. Non-insulating and non-waterproofing of terminal of combiner box

7/Environmental issues

a. Plague and damage by rats

b. Growth of grass and trees

8/Issues of color steel tile roof

a. Roof leakage

Other Solutions

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