The 8th anniversary of Cybrid

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2022-11-25 14:31

On November 8, 2016, the 8th anniversary celebration dinner of Suzhou Cybrid Applied Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the Paris Room of Chanson Garden.3 overseas guests, 1 partner, 5 directors and more than 60 employee representatives were honored to witness this historical moment together.

At the meeting, Mr. Wu Xiaoping, the founder, chairman and general manager of Cybrid, briefly shared the original intention of establishing Cybrid and the bitterness and sorrow in the process of growth.


In a short span of 8 years, Cybrid has grown from a 60 square meter laboratory to a global benchmark in the PV backsheet industry, with the world's largest production and sales volume, world leading technology and leading the industry, and has also made significant breakthroughs in non-photovoltaic fields, with the mass production and sales of functional film materials such as Busbar, FFC and double-sided tape for graphene, and its market share continues to grow.

On behalf of all the shareholders, Mr. Wu thanked all the people and related parties who had experienced and witnessed the growth of Cybrid, and emphasized once again that Cybrid had started a new three-year plan since the second half of 2017, and that all Cybrid colleagues would continue to focus on the corporate vision of "building China's No.1, international-level thin film functional polymer materials comprehensive enterprise with 3M as the benchmark", and continuously explore the potential and innovation to realize business diversification, market globalization and management internationalization.

All of us expressed our affirmation on the past achievements of Cybrid, and were proud of being Cybrid people and confident of the future development of Cybrid.

Finally, Chen Hongyo, the vice general manager, made a concluding speech, emphasizing that the achievements belong to the past and the future is still full of challenges, but as long as everyone works as a team, makes constant summation and continues to innovate, the set target of SAIWU will definitely become a reality.