Innovation Driven Lean Industry Research | Cybrid Technologies & Mentor Software "Neuron Strategy" Launched

On October 11, 2022, the launch meeting of SAIV Neuron Strategy was successfully held in Suzhou, China. Xu Guojiang, Deputy Director of Industrial Information Bureau of Wujiang District, Suzhou University, Deng Hongtao, Associate Professor of Soochow University Business School, Wu Xiaoping, Chairman of Suzhou SAIV Applied Technology Co. Tang Jiecai, President of Allied Top Software, attended the meeting together with key project members.


If private enterprises are prosperous, the economy is prosperous; if they are strong, the economy is strong. Xu Guojiang, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Wujiang District, Suzhou, emphasized, "As a high-quality and excellent enterprise, Saivu Technology plays an important role in pulling the development of the sector. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is highly concerned about the information construction and digital economy development of industrial manufacturing enterprises, and will fully support the development and implementation of the neural network strategy of Saiwu Technology." Savoo Technology has also taken the initiative to respond to the national "14th Five-Year Plan", taking up the important mission of building digital economy and digital China, and actively carrying out the construction of enterprise digital transformation.

As a global PV backsheet benchmarking enterprise, Savoo Technology always insists on the core concept of "value comes from innovation", and innovation has been the indispensable talisman of Savoo Technology since its establishment and 14 years in the PV field, and has forged the infinite vitality of Savoo Technology. At present, the company has been running in many fields such as photovoltaic, transportation and electric power, semiconductor, 3C communication and consumer electronics, etc. Under the guidance of the concept of "energy saving and carbon reduction, green development", the company has become a leading enterprise of diversified high-tech materials.

The diversified development has put forward higher requirements on the digitalization level of the enterprise. The "Neuron Strategy" not only closely matches the company's philosophy of being driven by technological innovation, but also highly fits the company's diversified and integrated development needs. As an important foundation of the second "10-year plan", this strategy has been unanimously approved and highly valued by the top management of the company.

In addition to the establishment of the "Saiwu Neuron Strategy Implementation Committee" to provide solid organizational guarantee for the implementation of the strategy, Saiwu also attaches importance to the "deep integration of industry, academia and research", and specially invited Deng Hongtao, a professor of Soochow University, as the academic advisor of digitalization, to realize the industry-oriented, academia-backed, and R&D-oriented strategy. We have invited Deng Hongtao, a professor from Soochow University, as our academic advisor for digitalization, so as to realize the synergistic effect of 1+1+1>3 with industry-oriented, academic-backed and R&D-bridged, and come out with a high quality system and a stable and long-term digital development path for manufacturing enterprises.


In this strategy launch meeting, Wu Xiaoping, Chairman of Cybrid Technologies, and Ge Sanwei, Quality Director of Cybrid Technologies, put forward expectations and requirements for the implementation and execution of the strategy.


Cybrid Technologies Technology Chairman Wu Xiaoping said that Chinese manufacturing companies should insist on the innovation-driven route. In 2020, with the continuous innovation and excellent technology, Sailwood Technology successfully completed the "10-year plan" of "Let In 2020, with continuous innovation and excellent technology, the company successfully completed the "Ten-Year Plan" of "Let's make a tree", and successfully completed the listing of the company. In the second "Ten-Year Plan", the company aims to become "an innovation-driven, diversified and integrated polymer materials company on the same technology platform, and to gain international respect. The "Neuron Strategy", as the infrastructure of this plan, will be continuously improved throughout, and will help Cybrid Technologies to achieve highly lean production and R&D under diversified and integrated development through the construction of a segmented, linked, visualized and reminded neural network platform, and to build the core competitiveness of Cybrid Technologies.


As the leader of the "Neuron Strategy", Sanwei Ge, Director of Technology and Quality of Cybrid Technologies, provided the following "123" guidelines for the implementation of the strategy.


1 policy: "Neuron Strategy" is an important foundation for the diversified and high-quality development of the company, and its implementation should only be successful.

2 principles: First, we should focus on business and IT, and promote IT deployment from the perspective of business needs; second, we should make gradual and continuous improvement, and all departments should actively learn and continuously optimize the implementation.

3 requirements: Firstly, members of "Neuron Strategy Implementation Committee" and the person in charge of each business department should regard the implementation of strategy as their own job, make thorough planning and steady progress; secondly, we hope that Allied Top will gather the strongest strength and the best resources, cooperate fully and quickly create cooperation results; finally, all members should not be afraid of the unknown, not be afraid of attacking, and build the digital strength of Saiwu Technology together. Lastly, all members should build up the digital strength of Cybrid Technologies.


As a collaborator of "Cybrid Technologies Neuron Strategy" collaborator, the leaders of Allied Top Software also attached great importance to this cooperation. The project consulting team conducted a two-month in-depth business requirement research for 13 departments, including R&D center, PV/non-PV material business unit marketing center and operation center. The research output covers 60 consulting suggestions in 15 sub-domains including strategy integration, marketing, R&D collaboration, supply chain management, and related digital construction suggestions, etc. Tang Jiecai, President of Allied Top Software, said that Allied Top will continue to invest the strongest resources and high quality strength to fully assist Saivu Technology to fully implement the "Neuron Strategy".

Cybrid Technologies is a leading high-tech material company that insists on innovation-driven and focuses on technology research and development, and Mentor Software also insists on technology refinement for ten years, and wins reputation in the industry with solid technical fundamentals and comprehensive customer service capability. We believe that through this cooperation With the positive response of all employees and the technical service support of Alltop Software, Cybrid Technologies will realize a comprehensive digital and intelligent transformation, successfully complete the second "10-year plan", and sort out the digital construction benchmark of manufacturing industry!

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