Looking ahead to 2019, Suzhou Cybrid sends a New Year's message


Cybrid Technologies has had a joyful and difficult 2018 with many of our customers, and with the return of spring and the beginning of a new era, we welcome the hopeful Year of the Pig 2019.

  In 2018, under the company philosophy of "continuously creating new value for customers with innovative methods and becoming a solution provider of polymer functional materials trusted by the world", Cybrid Technologies successfully provided original high bulk resistance POE films and backsheet repair tapes for the photovoltaic industry, which were highly evaluated by the industry. The company has been highly evaluated by the industry. In the new energy automobile industry, the high reliability lithium battery insulation material invented by Savoo has successfully entered the first-class battery manufacturers. In the IGBT field, Cybrid Technologies' heat dissipation materials have solved the import problem for leading domestic air conditioning companies. The new standard of backsheet represented by traditional KPf backsheet is increasingly accepted globally, and in 2018, the overall shipment of Cybrid Technologies backsheet reached 30GW, continuing to be the world's No.1 for 5 consecutive years, and becoming the No.1 market share in India and Korea, following the continued domestic leadership.

  In the new year, Cybrid Technologies will be united, motivated, and collaborate with industry partners to innovate. 2019 we will create a high level for the PV industry, many customers, and strive to create a more brilliant and splendid tomorrow for Suzhou Cywood!

  The spring breeze has arrived at the Year of the Pig, and the sound of happy songs has shaken the cloudy sky. Looking back at the 8760 hours we have spent, on this New Year's occasion: Cybrid Technologies sends you all good wishes and deep gratitude! To our partners in the circle, we send our New Year wishes and sincere condolences!

  As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Suzhou Cybrid Technologies Applied Technology Co., Ltd. wishes everyone good health, family happiness, career success and great prospects in the New Year! Good luck in the Year of the Pig!

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